Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dia das Mães (Mother´s Day)

Oi Família!

Well, this call we´re blessed to have more time to plan. 

President Souza has sent out the directive that we can Skype on the Monday (the 12th) or call on Mother´s day (the 11th).  It doesn´t really matter to me, but I´ll leave it up to you.  The call will be 40 minutes as was the last one.  The earliest I could skype on the Monday would be 10:30 our time, which I think translates to roughly 7:30 your time.  I still need to talk to Bishop to see if we can use the phone in the chapel to call, but I don´t know why he would have a problem.

Basically, this is all the information I have.  Let me know what works for you.  I´m more than happy to do a phone call or to skype, but I want to do what is most convenient for y´all. 

Te amo!

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