Monday, February 9, 2015

Inspiração do Alto (Inspiration from on High)

Oi família!

It was hot this week.  On another note I didn´t work in my area for almost the whole week.  Tuesday and Thursday we did exchanges, Wednesday, Élder Borges and I traveled to Itapipoca and back which took up almost the whole day.  Friday, we took Élder Borges to the mission office for the final dinner and training with President.  Saturday we picked him up from the office.  Sunday was normal, except church in the morning.  One way or another, it was a fun week.

I left Élder Borges at the mission office for the last time this morning since he´ll be returning home today.  He was an awesome companion.  I know that it was inspiration that we worked together.  When I got here I didn´t have that same fire passion for the work that I had in the past, but working with Élder Borges quickly turned that around.  He was an awesome companion and I´m ever so grateful that we were able to work together.  What I love even more than gaining new companions is gaining new friends.  I feel like Élder Borges and I were truly friends and that we´ll be able to help each other out for year to come.  He´s awesome.

On one of our exchanges this week I headed out with Élder Ribeiro, the "greenie" in the zone.  I worked with him in his area to see how he would do given that he´s only been here for about6 weeks.  We began the exchange and I said, "Élder, today is your day.  You´re the senior companion.  Show me what you have."  He just said, "Ok, let´s go."  It was a good exchange.  He wasn´t scared to talk with people in the street.  He contacted everyone that we saw.  I love how I was able to see his testimony by the way that he worked, not just the words he spake.  But the highlight of the day was about 3-4 o´clock.  We went to a street to contact people to find the street 100% deserted.  There wasn´t even a dog or a cat or anything.  And we began walking.  As we were walking we heard some sound coming from a house in front of us and Élder Ribeiro said, "Let´s clap there." We clapped and a man came to the door and said, "You´re from the Mormon church?"  We responded that we were and he said, "My wife and mother-in-law are from this church.  Would you like to come in?" So, in we went.  It was super cool.  This family moved to the area 3 months ago and they were wondering where the nearest church was.  They said that they had given the address to the sisters in their old ward and they thought we had come because of them.  Truthfully, it was the Spirit that sent us there.  We had a nice visit and the mom said that she has a goal to go to the temple before the end of the year.  Talking with the élder that works in that area he said, "Wow, that family is amazing!  They came to church and the husband cried during the sacrament he felt the Spirit so strong!"  It was cool.  Much like the experience from last week, the Lord is very aware of his elect and knows where they are.  As we seek them in faith, the Lord will show them to us and help us to know how to help them enter on the path of eternal life.

That this week each one of you can pray for someone to find with whom you can share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is my prayer.  I know that He will show someone to you and give you the words to speak.

Amo vocês!  Até o próximo!

Élder Evans  

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