Monday, March 3, 2014

No Unhallowed Hand...

Oi família! 

Well, this week has been interesting.  It´s been Carnaval, which is basically a 5 day party where people go crazy.  Here it´s not actually too dangerous so we still get to go out and work.

On in investigator front, Joaquim and Eliane came to church for the 3rd time as a family. They´ve started calling the church "our church" or "my church" during our visits which almost brings me to tears every time.  They´re soooooo awesome.  They´re very prepared and very very happy.  It´s been such a blessing to teach them.  Elder Tribino marked their baptism while I was on an exchange and they´ll be baptized on March 16th! 

I´m sure you all remember Aluizio.  Well, because of Carnaval this weekend everyone was traveling.  But what ended up happening was awesome as well.  Because everyone was traveling a number of people in the congregation who normally don´t administer the ordinance of the sacrament were able to participate.  And Aluizio blessed the water!!!!!!  It is true joy to see one who I was able to teach, and baptize truly converted and already strengthening the church.  He was nervous as could be, but he did so awesome.  I don´t think I´ve ever been as happy as I was in that moment as I have ben in my whole life.

To explain the subject.  Carnaval here is infamous here for missionary work because everyone says that it´s impossible to accomplish anything during the week.  I´m not sure that is always the case.  We had a very successful week and actually taught MORE this week than we have in weeks past.  We were able to find MORE new investigators than we have in all of my time in Brazil.  I´ve been able to communicate  MORE with the people this past week than ever before. This was, in large measure, due to Elder Tribino.  The poor kid was so scared when he first arrived here but he´s grown and developed like I can´t even explain.  This week in our training program was his turn to be "senior companion".  Basically I turned the reins over to him and said "this is your week.  I´m going to follow you"  and that´s what I did.  He found.  He taught.  He killed it.  Honestly, the best week,numbers wise, I´ve had in all of my time as a missionary.  It´s so amazing to see what the Lord can do when we don´t get in His way and that is what happened.   Which leads me to the point I was saying.  My last companion said "it´s impossible towork on Carnaval.  The whole week I taught 2 lessons last year"  So that´s the key.  The work of the Lord is only impeded when those sanctified to do said work refuse to do so.  When we allow the Lord to mold us, shape us, and guide us, that´s when the real miracles happen.  But we have to let them happen.  So, drop your burden at His feet and let him send you where you need to go. 

Até o próximo!

Élder Evans

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