Monday, July 14, 2014

Cara, o templo é ótimo! (Dude, the temple is awesome!)

Oi família!

I just want to begin saying that I love being a missionary.  Seriously, life is so good as a missionary.  You go through these super tough experiences almost every day but you feel on top of the world because you´re a representative of Jesus Christ.  I´m learnng a lot about Jesus Christ lately and just how much He has done for each one of us.  I was especially inspiried this week by a scripture way back in the Book of Mormon, that´s actually one of the last ones therin.  Moroni 10:32-33 is a scripture that I feel is well-known and underused.  As we really consider what it is saying, it´s really a scipture we can put along side of Ether 12:27.

But, the cool experience of the week was with a family (YES!!) we´re teaching, Cristiano and Helena.  We´ve been working for them for a really long time to get them to come to church.  We met them the very first week of last transfer and we didn´t get them to church until yesterday.  Normally, if people don´t come to church for 3 weeks we drop them, but we felt something special with Cristiano and Helena.  We had a family night with them and the family of the Relief Society Presient this past Monday and they loved it.  Then a few days later we passed by with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife.  When we got there they began saying "Wow.  Even since that family night we had with you guys, everything has been working out!  Everything is going super well!  Of course we´ll come to church this week!"  But then we went one step further.  Leading up to this visit, our plan was to review the Restoration with them so they could understand a little better still what our beliefs are.  As we were headed there Élder Tamanho said to Antonio and Marília, "We´re thinking about talking about the temple."  I had brought my temple book that the mission gave us and we began to talk about the importance of the temple.  We opened to the pictures of the temples and they said "Wow, they´re so beautiful..."  We read some quotes from the prophets about temples and the Spirit was super strong.  Then, we showed them the pictures inside.  The baptistry.  The ordinance room.  The celestial room.  The sealing room.  And then we explained, "We are here so that your family can be an eternal family"  Wow.  The Spirit was so strong.  They loved the lesson and Antonio and Marília were able to testify of the blessings of the temple in their lives.  It was so awesome.  They said, "We always thought that the ´until death do you part´ thing was sad.  We can really be an eternal family" And guess who came to church yesterday?  Yeah.  They loved it.  We´re having another family night with them tonight.  Miracles are going to happen.

I love this work.  I love being a missionary.  I work is true.

Amo vocês

Élder Evans

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