Monday, November 3, 2014

Well, things are improving!

Oi família!

Well, the challenges here in the Conjunto Ceará 3 ward are many and varied, but miracles are happening frequently!!! We´re beginning to find people who actually want to learn who have never heard from the missionaries before!  Élder Muniz and I are working super hard every day and the Lord is rewarding our patience, diligence, and faith.  This week we´re hoping for big numbers in sacrament meeting.  It´s going to be awesome!

A few weeks ago we ran into a guy named Cândido.  He has a small family and is catholic.  We were talking with him the other day and he said, "Prayer and bible study are always important things for me, but I´m not a huge fan of church.  It seems like everyone is arguing with everyone and I don´t know which one is right."  Wow.  Golden.  It´s so wonderful to know that our loving Heavenly Father has restored the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth.  It´s such a blessing to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.

We had an awesome activity this weekend.  We organized a talent show with the ward and we had a number of stakes that participated!  The chapel is a ways away because ours is under construction, so we haven´t had an activity in a while.  But we decided that it was time to have one and the ward loved it!  We had a party and it was good to just have some fun.  Now the ward is more excited than ever and we´re going to see more and more miracles as the work of the Lord progresses in the ward!

Sei que esta é a obra do Senhor.  Ele está me dirigindo todo dia e sou tão grato pela oportunidade para servi-Lo.

Amo vocês

Élder Evans

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