Monday, October 27, 2014

Patience... makes for a lot of walking

Oi família!

No one worry, I´m healthy again.  Whatever it was that I had last week has passed now and I´m healthy once again.  After sleeping almost all of Monday (literally, I slept almost 16 hours) I´m back to full and complete activity. Being sick on the mission isn´t super fun, but I made it through. I´ll make an effort to not get more sick during my mission. 

So, things have been a little hard lately.  We´re short of good people in our teaching pool.  We find any number of people who have already heard the message or have no desire, so we were really hurting for new people to teach that want to hear more about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So, we´ve been doing a lot of walking.  Mostly trying to contact less-actives.  We have an old list of members of the ward here and we´re trying to contact as many of them as we can and bring some people back into the fold.  Things have been difficult, but we´re managing to find some less-active members who have some desire to come back.  Que bom.

But in the midst of all this walking was something super cool that happened this week.  We met a guy named Victor.  I had already passed by him in the street before but hadn´t every made contact with him.  One day as we passed by him to do another visit he called us over and said "I want to learn more about your church.  You´re the Mormons right?"  We responded that we were and he began to tell us a few things about what he had heard.  We marked a return appointment and gave him a Restoration pamphlet. We headed back the next day and it was AWESOME!!!  He had already read the pamphlet and had understood really well.  He explained "So, the prophets receive the priesthood and guide God´s children here on earth, right?"  Seriously, he used the word priesthood.  I haven´t heard that from an investigator in ages.  After we indicated that this was correct he said "and Joseph Smith received the priesthood right?  So, he´s a prophet."  It was amazing.  The lesson went super smooth and he understood and accepted everything.  My favorite part was the end when he said, "You know, I smoke and drink coffee.  I think I´ll stop with that. I don´t know if I want to be baptized yet too, but I´ll begin thinking about that too."  We hadn´t said anything about these things yet.  This is when the Spirit is teaching, not the missionaries.  Long story short, Victor is progressing really well.  He´s having some oposition from his family, but we´re working to overcome that.  He´s super solid.  It was super awesome to me to see that after a lot of walking, the Lord rewarded our work.  This is the Lord´s work.  This doesn´t mean success and baptisms 100% of the time.  It was never easy for Jesus Christ, it certainly won´t be easy for us.  But His mission was 100% worthwhile, so mine will be too if I´m willing to give it my all.

Amo todos de vocês.  Grande abraço, fiquem firmes.


So, there was a couples dinner Saturday night and they didn´t take the thing down until after church on Sunday, so we took pictures.

Élder Evans  

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