Monday, April 20, 2015

A Penúltima Carta (The Penultimate Letter)

Oi família!

We´ve moved!  We moved from our extremely far away house to the edge of our area.  Thursday morning we got up and packed everything into the moving truck and moved real quick-like.  It was fun.   

I know that after perserverance, the blessings of the Lord come.  We were blessed with an extremely productive week with a number of people that are progressing in the ways of the Lord. We had 7 people attend church with us yesterday, a woman and her nephew, and a family of 6!  Filáussia and Robson (aunt and nephew) are excited to learn more and more about the church.  Filáussia said that "ever since that [we] arrived in her house, [she] knew that this was the true church."  Robson has a lot of desire to follow Jesus Christ, but he´s fighting with a few addictions still.  The two of them have baptismal date for this Saturday.  We´re excited and praying for their success.

We also had an awesome family of 5, Aurelio, Lindaura, and their 4 children.  We found them through a member, that was actually kind of a funny story.  Last week (April 11th) we recieved a referal from a more-or-less active member to visit this family.  We went and they were really excited and said they would come to church.  Well, they didn´t come that week.  We returned last sunday (April 12th) and taught them about the Restaration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Spirit in the room as we taught was strong and at the end of the lesson I felt like we should ask about their feelings.  We asked them and Irmã Lindaura said, "I feel peace.  Just peace."  We testified that this was an answer from the Lord that this was the true church that He had established.  We continued passing by during the week and helping them to get excited for church.  Yesterday everyone came and everyone loved it.  We passed by a little later with Felipe, a recent-convert who is awesome to talk a little more with them.  We discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really focused on baptism and confirmation.  We asked Felipe, "Felipe, do you remember your baptism?"
Felipe: "Of course I remember."
Lindaura: "What was your baptism like Felipe?"
Felipe: "My baptism was awesome.  I remember that it was the moment that my life turned around completely.  I was able to really begin following Jesus Christ."
Élder Helvey: "We would like to help all of you to also follow Jesus Christ by being baptized."
Lindaura: "I want to.  I don´t know about Aurelio, but I know that I want to."
Aurelio: "I want to as well."
Felipe: "We would like to establish a goal with you all for your baptism on May 2nd.  Do you all accept this date as the day for your baptism?"
Lindaura: "Yes"
Aurelio: "Yes"
Children: "Yes"
It was awesome.  We testified to them that true happiness only comes from the true and living church of Jesus Christ and following the gospel that he established for us.  We´re excited to be able to help them come unto Christ and be baptized on May 2nd.  It´ll be awesome.

I was going to send pictures this week, but my computer here doesn´t have a slot for my memory card.  So, until next week.

Até o próximo!  Amo vocês!

Élder Evans

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