Monday, April 13, 2015

Que bom, né? (It´s good, isn´t it?)

Oi família!

Well, this week was full of cool spiritual experiences.  A lot of stuff happened and we had a lot of miracles.  At the same time we also passed for a lot of difficulties and challanges, but what´s new in missionary work?  I´ve come to see how every single moment of the mission is inspired because until now I´m learning things that I know will help me in the future.  I´ve seen how in these super critical end moments of the mission is when the Lord is really beginning to warn me about the challenges I will face in the future and how the mission has prepared me for that.  That being said, I still have a lot of things to work on, but I know the timing of the Lord is perfect and I will be able to improve before the end.  I testify of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It is the fact that the Lord suffered and died and ressurected for us that we will be able to better ourselves each and every day.  The Sacrament is our oportunity each week to review our performance with the Lord and promise to Him that we will do better in the following week.  I felt this powerfully yesterday as I reviewed with the Lord my efforts to become more humble and how He has helped me.  In that we reviewed how I can better myself even more, because of my Savior Jesus Christ.

We had two experiences this week that I wanted to share because the two were so cool. So, reviewing.  Remember Roseangela?  The one who has a son named Zeus?  Well, we went to see here again this week. We began conversing with them and seeing how life was and how the Holy Week was (the week before Easter is called Holy Week here) and how things were in general.  Then we got around to the church and the message of the Restoration that we had left with them.  They admitted how they hadn´t prayed to ask if it was true and then Irmã Roseangela said, "I really liked the church of Jesus Christ and I want to go back.  I also really really like being catholic though, so is there any problem if I keep going to church with you guys and still not be baptized?"  We explained that she would be welcome at church any and every time that she wants and from there we began reviewing prayer and answers with her and her kids.  The Spirit was so strong as we taught and testified of the truthfulness of the gospel.  What was even better was that they understood completely about the restoration of the pristhood, the authority of God, in these last days by means of a living prophet.  We explained how they will only be able to know these things through prayer and we, together with our member-present Wylamis, know of these things because we received revelation from on high.  It was awesome.  They really enjoyed the lesson and accepted the invitation once again to pray and lear that all of this is true. 

The other was with Irmã Aurileni.  First, she was confirmed yesterday and it was awesome!!!  We´ve been working our tails off for months now and the Lord has rewarded our work with an amazing convert.  We headed there on Friday night to see how things were doing and to explain about the confirmation and all of that jazz.  Well, we taught and she was excited and then she began asking us "Why did you guys decide to serve a mission?  Did you guys feel a confirmation from the Spirit that this was necessary?"  We all testified that we had and I related my experience about the day after I received my calling.  I remember that I went to the temple to do baptisms for the last time and as I was walking through the halls of the baptistry, it just felt right.  There´s no other way to really describe it other than that.  I knew that it was the Lord´s will that I served a mission and that I was doing the right thing.  Then I explained why.  Exactly because He knew that one day I would run into Aurileni and be able to help her accept the gospel.  Then she said to us, "Well, I know that you´re here for the right reasons then.  I asked to know if you were here serving because you felt an obligation to be here or if you were serving because you truly love what it is that you teach.  I know that you are here because you truly love this message."  We testified that that is true.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church that He established in these last days.  One things I have learned as I´ve been reading the Ezra Taft Benson book from this year is about what it means to love the church, and more importantly, why this matters to us.  I know that this is the Lord´s restored church in these latter-days and I love it with all my heart.  I love to be a member of it and to be able to proclaim this message to every creature.  This is the truth.  There is no other way.  Christ is calling us.  We need to respond.

Amo vocês!  Até o próximo!

Élder Evans

Foto -  Aurileni´s baptism!!!

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