Monday, September 23, 2013


Oi familia!

Before you get too excited and think that "chuva" means I got my visa, it doesn't.  It means rain. And we had a decent amount of it this week. Well, we had a decent amount one day, for one hour.  Elder Weaver and I headed out to Harper one day this week and it was decently sunny.  We were working on making some contacts and with about an hour before dinner we were talking with a guy and just doing some good BRT (Building Relationships & Trust) when it started raining lightly.  So, we got in the car and drove to the other side of town.  We got out and got to our first contact on that side and BOOM the rain came pouring out of the sky.  So, we pulled out my umbrella, which saved us for the most part.  Long story short, my shoes had to dry out for a few days before I could wear them again.  and I had to re-polish them.  Oh well.  Now they're shiny.

Anyway, things are going well in the Wellington Ward vineyard.  Elder Weaver and I are teaching the combined 5th Sunday meeting this week about the importance of member missionaries. When we were planning this idea, it just kind of seemed cool but then the bishop and the ward council approved the idea and they're really excited to see it happen.  Long story short, please send some prayers our way for that.  We're kind of scared to do this, but we feel really inspired about it, so basically we'll need an abundance of the Spirit and we'll be fine.

On another happy note, I've been approved to drive!  I've missed getting behind the wheel and now I basically get to do it full time. Elder Weaver and I have yet to switch off yet, but we'll get to it eventually once this whole driving thing gets old for me.  Or I feel obligated to give him the opportunity.

Anyway, we had a cool experience this week with a super solid referral we got from a member when we were at the post office.  Sis Church was at the post office when we were mailing my license copy for the consulate and she stopped us afterwards and said "I've been talking to this person a lot about the Gospel and I feel like she needs a visit from the Elders" so we were like, "well, we do love visiting people" so we went off to visit her later that night.  She was kind of busy so we said we'd try to stop by another night.  We did, she was busy again.  As we were preparing to leave town Friday night we were debating if there was anyone else to see in Wellington or if we should go to Milan or Mayfield on the way home.  As we were looking over our names we saw this lady and we were like "We need to see Brenda!"  So we boogied on over.  One of the first things she said when she opened the door was "oh hey.  I was actually thinking about calling you guys tonight" (Spirit will guide).  We started talking with her and she asked "what are you guys all about?" and I don't really know how this all happened but I just started giving her a brief overview of the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation.  Elder Weaver testified of Eternal Families and how the Gospel blesses all families.  Then we testified of the Book of Mormon and the peace and happiness that comes into someone's life when they read, ponder, and pray about it.  Basically, we just testified about how the gospel has blessed our lives and promised it would bless hers.  We left her with a few pamphlets and a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said she would definitely begin reading.  We got back in the car and were both just like "wow.  Best.  Contact. EVER!!!!"  Long story short, the Spirit really is the key element in this work.

Well, Elder Weaver and I are going thrift shopping so, yeah.  Have a party!

The gospel is true!  

Eu vos amo!


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