Monday, September 2, 2013

Muito trocando (much trading)

Oi familia!

This e-mail may be a little shorter than normal because we're on a major time crunch today because we have to run up to Wichita and back. This occurred because of a sequence of events which will be explained.  Anyway, Kansas is doing well.  We're having a lot of fun and we're keeping it real.  

Now for the long story, which I will shorten.  Elder Motes talked to President Bell this past week and has returned home this week because of a family emergency.  I'm not sure what and he didn't tell me, but he has temporarily returned home, but he will be back to missionary service one day. Please pray for him.  Long story short, my new companion is Elder Weaver, who lived in Tyler & Michelle's old ward back in Salem.  He's also a visa-waiter for Brazil, and he's been a missionary one week longer than I have.  We have been given a full time car, a 2011 Chevy Colorado.  We've been told to "just train each other" and "light it up in Wellington". Already Elder Weaver and I are hitting it off great.  Elder Weaver reminds me a lot of Spencer Staten.  Not 100%, but they have similar personalities so it's almost like serving with my best friend.  We're meshing super well and we're just having a blast being missionary companions. 

After the whole debacle with trading companions and cars and rapid packing, we made our way back to Argonia and then went down to Caldwell for the day.  We did a lot of walking and didn't see a ton of people, but one visit in particular really sticks out to me.  We visited a lady named Dawn, who between her and her two daughters constituted our 3 people we had on baptismal date.  We went to talk to her and she was expressing her concerns about investigating the church and letting go of her past beliefs.  I don't entirely remember what happened after that, but I just remember that Elder Weaver and I just went to town.  I started testifying of the power of the Book of Mormon and how it truly changes lives and will answer all of her questions and concerns and then Elder Weaver just took that and ran with it and began teaching and testifying.  There was just something about that conversation and we could feel the Spirit so strong.  Dawn said she would continue to search for the goodness we had testified of and just keep up searching in general.  Since then I've realized the power of what has happened.  Sure, I'm super bumbed that Elder Motes had to leave.  I didn't exactly enjoy being up in the air for 3 days unsure of who my new companion would be and I wasn't thrilled to have to return the Pratt Sisters' car.  But, things have worked out rather well.  Elder Weaver and I are working together really well despite having only been together for a few days.  We've been given a full-time car.  We're both new, but we're both thrilled to be missionaries and it's not a monotonous thing for us.  We're super excited to really jumpstart the work here and now I can practice my Portuguese with my companion on a daily basis.  Absolutely, the switching of everything has been stressful and President Bell is still learning along with us, but the Lord manifests His love for us in so many ways.  It's truly a blessing to see Him work in our lives.

That's about the report.  Other things have happened, but that seemed the most significant.  Keep strong! I'm so thrilled to be a missionary and I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything!

Ate mais!  O evangelho e' verdadiero! Eu te amo!

Elder Evans

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