Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixed emotions

Oi familia!

I'm officially old.  I turn 20 in two months.  Wow.  I'm old.  On another note, I'm still quite young in the ways of the Lord and especially as a missionary.  Elder Weaver and I talk about how inexperienced we are a lot. While there's certainly advantages and disadvantages, it's amazing how much the Lord's promise to us in Ether 12:27 really applies.  As long as we remain humble and remember whose work this is, and how we are accomplishing the things we are accomplishing, things end up working out.  Sometimes we approach doors and I have no idea what to say but when people answer I just open my mouth.  Most of the time, the first few words always are super awkward, but as I just listen to the Spirit, the words start pouring out and I can really feel the love of God for this people.  It's quite the experience. Truly, this is the Lord's work.

On the subject of the e-mail, we had interviews with President Bell last week.  I love that guy. He really is called of God and one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life.  As we were talking during interviews he asked if I'd heard anything about my visa.  I told him I hadn't (because I hadn't heard about the license thing yet) but I also followed that up by explaining my goal when I came out to Kansas was to be able to leave with excitement about going to Brazil, but also that I would leave Kansas with some sadness because of the people I would be leaving behind.  It's amazing how when I really chose to invest myself into the work how much I began to love these people.  I think of so many people who I've had the wonderful pleasure to meet.  The Maxwells, Sis Shaw, the Lawrences, the Brundages, the Trotters both old and young, the Alberts, Sis Mock, the Stamps, Paul, Lancy, Sis Goodenough, Karlin, Mario & Christie, the Mosers, the Slaughters, and a whole host of others, who I never would have known if I hand't been reassigned to Kansas.  Though sometimes it's hotter and more humid than I ever would have wanted, and it's flat, the sunrises are beautiful, the sunsets are breathtaking, and the people are fantastic.  I have no idea when I get my visa, but I do know that when it comes, I'll definitely be able to leave and shed a few tears.  I love these people and I love Kansas.  Truly a beautiful place.  And if you really want to know how I feel about it, I think Mosiah 18:30 would be most appropriate in describing my feelings.

Anyway, our cool experience for the week was this past Wednesday in Anthony.  We had about 45 minutes left until dinner and we weren't sure which direction to go.  We had a list of names to see but we wanted to try and contact those most open to the message.  We stopped and had a prayer and afterwards we just stood and listened for a little bit.  I felt like we needed to go visit Janet, so we went that direction.  Janet was a lady who had read the whole Book of Mormon as kind of a research deal just to find out more about us.  The last time we had visited her she said it was interesting but that she wouldn't be converting.  Elder Motes had asked her if she had prayed about the Book of Mormon.  She said she hadn't, but that she would.  We hadn't been able to follow up since then because she was never home when we went by.  For some reason, we don't have her phone number.  Anyway, we went by and we knocked.  Then we knocked again.  Then we figured that we should knock once more for her salvation.  Nothing.  As we were doing all of this though, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come out of his house and sit down on a lawn chair.  The instant I saw him, I knew we needed to go talk to him.  We went over and began talking and he told us how he always saw us around and wanted to know what we're all about.  Elder Weaver explained to him a little about the church and the miracle of modern-day prophets.  He seemed genuinely interested and then blew us away by asking "do you have any literature I could have?"  So we gave him a few pamphlets and a Book of Mormon and he said he would love to learn more about us!  Yay!  It's interesting how the Lord will direct us where we need to go, even if it's not for the reasons we think that it is.  

The gospel is true!  Eu te amo!

Ate mais!

Elder Evans

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