Monday, October 14, 2013

Sometimes you're prompted to see someone...

Oi familia!

Tudo bem? (means, everything good?)  Coisas (things) are good here in Kansas.  We've been experiencing some cooler weather recently, which is really weird.  I still remember my first day here when Elder Sutherland and I walked all the way around Anthony and it was a million degrees and I felt like I'd taken a bath when I was done.  Now, it's cooler and I hardly sweat at all.  It's super weird.  In fact, the beginning of the month, we walked outside in the morning and there was frost on the ground.  Granted, that's never happened since, but it's been different than what I'm used to for sure.

So, cool experience for the week.  We finished dinner with Sister Shaw on Friday night and we were wondering where to go.  I pulled out of her complex and Elder Weaver started reading down the list of names and when he said one of them I had a very strong feeling we needed to go over there.  We went over and they weren't home, but their neighbors were out front digging up sidewalk. So, we went over and began talking to them.  Cheryl (?) and Forrest are a young married couple who recently moved into the area and have some interesting views on religion.  He was baptized Catholic and she was baptized Christian but both have taken detours away from their church.  We talked with them for a little bit and just got some good BRT (building relationships and trust).  Then she started asking us questions about the mormons.  She said her grandma was mormon and she didn't know a ton about them.  We answered her questions and eventually we asked if we could return and share a little bit more of the message with them.  They said yes, so we went away fist-bumping.  The next day (saturday), we went over to see them and began teaching lesson 1.  It was so fantastic.  Cheryl was asking fantastic questions and wanted to make sure she understood what we were talking about.  At one point she said "so, you're saying priesthood authority was lost after the death of Christ and the Apostles, so who has it now?"  Best question ever.  We testified of the Restoration, of the divine call of Joseph Smith, and of the blessings of the gospel as families.  We invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it was true and they said they would.  We commited them to attend church and to continue on this journey they had begun.  They accepted! Elder Weaver and I left that lesson so thrilled for the blessing that it was.  The Spirit was so strong and we're so excited for them. The message of the restoration is so powerful, and more important, it's so true!!! What a blessing to have the Book of Mormon, modern-day prophets, and continued revelation from our Father in Heaven.  I know the Priesthood authority is real and I'm honored and humbled to hold that gift.  

Well, keep it real family.  Have fun.  Because as Elder Weaver will tell you "Elder Evans always says that his brother says "If you ain't havin fun you ain't doin it right"

Te amo!  Ve, e compartilhar o evangelho com todo do mundo!
(Love you!  Go, and share the gospel with all the world!)

Elder Evans

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