Monday, June 2, 2014

O Tempo Dele (His Time)

Oi família!

Well, I´ve been transfered!  President Souza made a huge transfer and put people in all sorts of different and new areas.  I´m now serving in the Sumaré Ward on the other side of the city and my new companion is named Élder Tamanho.  He´s a Brazilian from Curitiba and he´s pretty cool.  He makes missionary work look very natural and I´m very excited to be working with him.  He has one more transfer than I do and I´m sure he has lots of things to teach me.  I´m thrilled to get started.

Elder Bradley and I had a cool few things happen this past week.  One of the investigators that we baptized received the Priesthood yesterday and that was cool to see.  In general it´s been amazing to see the awesome things that have happened to us during this whole time.  But this all focuses on the family here.  Hence, Generations of Faith.

We had the confirmation of an investigator, Joel, who was the child of a member, Socorro.  He had reached 9 years old but hadn´t yet been baptized.  We headed over there one day to talk with them and the only people home were Socorro (the mom) and Mateus (her son).  She told us that she hadn´t been to church in about two months because she was feeling lazy and didn´t want to get up and leave the house on Sundays.  We invited her back to church and marked a day to return.  A few weeks later we´re here after the confirmation of her son, and she is once again active and happy in the church.  She said "I don´t really know why I ever went inactive.  I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I need to follow what I know to be true.  i will not go inactive again."  It just showed to me how perfect the timing of the Lord is.  If we had arrived just a little bit later, it may have been to late to help her. But because we arrived, she´s back, and her son is too.  All we need now is her husband.

But one of the really touching moments of the week was Regis and Maria.  We found Maria after we found her mother, Elizabeth, who initially accepted a baptismal invite, but later declined.  During our conversations with Elizabeth, we met Regis, her son-in-law, who, as it turns out, is a member of the church, though inactive for many years.  Then we found Maria, Regis´ girlfriend.  Long story short, through a big series of ups and downs, maybe´s, no´s, and yes´s, they decided to get married and she decided to get baptized here before they returned to Minas Gerais, which is another state.  One way or another, through a series of miracles they were married, she was baptized, and later confirmed.  But this, once again was a testimony to me of the Lord´s timing.  It we had met Elizabeth before, she may not have been open to hearing the message from us, thus opening the door to find, teach, and baptize Maria.  If we had met her later, it would have been too late to complete the teaching and marriage process before they had to return.  The Lord truly calls us to a specific calling for a specific time to do a specific work.  But this applies in much more than just in the mission field.  I know He is looking out for each and every one of you in this moment.  Your tests are perfectly tailored so that you can grow, develop, and become His instrument.  His plan, though sometimes unknown, is always perfectly timed to bring blessings and learning experiences.  I know that as each of you search for the hand of the Lord in your life, He will guide you to see His desires for you and will guide you to have spiritually inspiring experiences.  I know each of you have special talents and gifts that are designed to touch the lives of others.  You are a child of God.

Amo vocês! Até o próximo!

Élder Evans

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