Monday, June 9, 2014

Poder não conhecido (Power not known)

Oi família!

Well, my mission dad is finishing his mission.  It´s a little weird to think that people I know are going home. Yes, I´m beginning to understand that mission life is not eternity (though if it was I´d be thrilled.  I love it here) but to think that people are going home is weird. But we´ll see what happens.

My comp and I got whitewashed into our area.  Here we use the word "abrindo" which means "opening" which is funny because we had almost no one to teach.  But the Lord has been VERY good to us this week and blessed us with a grand group of new investigators, a number of which came to church!  So, we´re looking to have some baptisms next week!  I love baptism.  It´s one of the greatest things in the mission field, along with a good almoço (lunch).  We do lunch here, not dinner. 

But I really enjoyed one experience this week that happened as we contacted a referral we received from the mission office.  I had read a scripture earlier in the week in Doctrine and Covenants 24:12 that talks about opening our mouths and we´ll be given a power that is not known among men.  I thought that was kind of a cool promise and the Lord showed me how it was done.  We found the house and began teaching this woman about the Restoration of the gospel.  When we got there, the neighbor had their stereo blasting full force next door and we could hear everything.  I began praying like none other, hoping that the stereo would quiet down and that we would be able to teach and feel the Spirit.  We had finished talking about the apostasy and right as we began the Joseph Smith story, the music stopped (prayer answered).  We read James 1:5 and I talked about how Joseph Smith had recieved an answer to his prayer.  Right as I was beginning to recount the first vision the mother said to her daughter "I want you to recount your experience..." which (seemingly) had nothing to do with the lesson.  As the daughter finished the mother then began "and one time this happened to me..." which also (seemingly) had nothing to do with the lesson. I sat there not knowing what to do.  Without me realizing it, I opened my mouth and this sentance poured out that incorporated both of their ideas into the Joseph Smith story.  It was so amazing to be used as an instrument in the hands of the Lord and to feel how I am truly his servant.  The Spirit made the connection between their stories that my limited mind was unable to make.  As we finished the lesson the mom said "wow.  I can really feel that what you teach is true."  and she accepted the baptismal invite.  I truly felt that I had been used by the Spirit to teach the principle.  It was amazing to feel about this "power unknown among men."

So, go serve.  Open your mouth, and don´t be afraid to share what we know.  The gospel is true.  This is the only true and living church on the face of the earth.  The Lord will fill your mouth and you will have this "power not known among men."

Até o próximo!

Élder Evans

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