Monday, December 22, 2014

It´s a Christmas Miracle!

Oi família!

Well, I´m no longer in Fortaleza.  Like I said last week I´ve been transfered to Caucaia and I´m with Élder Borges.  Élder Borges is from São Paulo and he´s awesome.  He works hard, he´s dedicated, and he´s a convert to the church.  The missionaries taught and baptized him 3 years ago.  He stayed strong in the church for a year and then headed out on the mission.  It´s awesome working with him because he understands how the investigators feel.  All of my other companions were born and raised in the church.  Bad thing? No.  Personally, I feel super blessed that i had the oportunity to be born in the new and eternal covenant.  But, Élder Borges brings a new perspective to my teaching because he understands what it´s like to be an investigator. It´s going really well.  I´m super excited to work with him for this next little while.

But the big news of the week was a super cool experience we had yesterday.  We headed over to the church early to make some phone calls to some investigators to see who would come to church.  We got there and Élder Borges said, "Let´s call Maia."  Maia is a woman that Élder Borges contacted a few weeks ago.  So, he called and invited her to church.  she said "Alright" and sure enough, she showed up about 30 minutes later!  We had a good first hour and then came time for Sunday School.  Maia came out of Relief Society and said "Well, I really liked the first lesson.  But I´ve been a believer in the faith for 6 years now, do I really have to attend Gospel Principles? I think I´m a little beyond that."  Élder Borges said, "Oh this will be a lesson that you´ve never heard before."  LSS, the teacher didn´t show up.  So who gave the lesson?  That´s right, me.  As i was sitting before the class I was thinking, "Restoration or Christmas?"  and the Spirit came to me and told me I would have to pick one and just have faith that it would work out.  So, I chose the Restoration.  It was awesome.  Everyone really liked the lesson but what was better was how guided I felt.  The whole lesson I felt like I wasn´t even the one teaching, but that the Spirit was using me as a tool to teach what the Lord wanted them to hear.  My favorite part was when I recounted the First Vision.  It was as if the world stopped for a few moments.  No sound came from the outside, The only thing that was sounding was my voice as I said "I saw a pilar of light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun...."  Without fail every time I have recounted Joseph Smith´s marvelous vision of God and our Savior the Spirit confirms to me that it is true. All the missionaries bore testimony about the truthfulness of the message and we left everyone with the invitation to pray about the message during sacrament meeting and everyone accepted.  As we were leaving we tried to set an appointment to speak with maia again and she said "well let´s see, tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday, oh, sunday i´ll be here again" and as we climbed the stairs to the chapel "Élder, what´s the name of the prophet agian?'  It was awesome.  I love seeing how every single day miracles happen on the mission if we´re willing to let them.

I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, lives.  I know that he was born, lived, died, and lived again for us.  This is His church.  I am His representative.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to remember Him during this wonderful Christmas season. Remember Him this season, and why this season is so special after all.

Amo vocês!  Até quinta-feira!

Élder Evans    

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