Monday, December 15, 2014

Mistura de Sentimentos (Mixed Feelings)

Oi família!

Well, I´m being transfered! I´ll be leaving Élder Muniz here in CC3 and heading over to Caucaia (which is like the Sandy of Salt Lake).  I´m excited becuase I´ve always wanted to serve in that area because I´ll be able to get to know other parts of the mission and because I hear that the work there is great.  But, I´m also really bummed.  I have grown to love the Conjunto Ceará 3rd ward.  It´s so amazing here.  it´s a harder area but the members have begun helping us so much and everyone is looking to help us out.  This past week we were blessed to find a number of new families and people that appear to want to come to church, learn, and be baptized.  The Lord has blessed us so much recently and I was so excited to pass Christmas here in the midst of so many amazing members.  Alas, this is not the Lord´s will for me at this time, but you can believe that I´ll be headed into Caucaia with fire.

But we had an amazing experience yesterday with a member-present lesson that fell through.  We´re teaching this family and the mother marked an apointment to talk with us yesterday afternoon.  We were thinking that because she didn´t really know any members of the ward bringing a member would help her feel more at ease to come to church.  So, we talked with Irmã Samira and she went over with us. We got there and the lady said, "So, I have clients that just showed up (she´s a beautician).  Can we set another day?"  We did and then began to walk away.  We asked Samira if she didn´t mind trying another person with us.  She agreed and we began on our way there.  On the way Samira asked, "So, is this a set appointment?"  We responded that it wasn´t and she said, "Well, can I talke you guys to meet one of my friends then?"  Member referal or backup plan?  We went with the referral.  We got there and met Isabel and Robério, a married couple, and their son.  Samira presented us to their family and we were invited in to share a brief message.  We began talking about the Church´s big message lately, "He is The Gift" and how God has given us so many presents.  His Son, the Bible, but especially our families.  It was amazing to see how easily we taught and how quickly and efectively Élder Muniz and I were able to teach together.  We talked about how the church was established by Jesus Christ to bless our families and how we know that families can be eternal.  It was so amazing to feel the power of Samira´s testimony as she explained how being a mom is difficult, but how wonderfully blessed her family is because of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  At the end we left a simple invitation.  "Isabel e Robério, will you pray to know that what we said is true and that we are mesengers sent from God?"  and Robério replied, "If there´s any one thing that I know, it´s that God always answers my prayers.  I will pray and I know he will respond to me."  It was awesome.  The room was so full of the Spirit.  I saw the power of a good member-present lesson, but even more important, of presenting referrals to the missionareis and then going with them to teach!  Bear your testimony!  Share why the gospel matters to you!  I know that this is the pattern established by the Lord for His kingdom to grow here on the earth.  I know that this is His church.  I am His servant.  I love it.

Até o próximo!

Élder Evans

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