Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Miracles (different from the Milagrezinhos from last week)

Oi família!

Élder Muniz and I took a tour of the chapel today.  The church here is being built and one of managers of the work is a member of our ward.  So, we got to tour the church in construction!  It was cool.  We took a lot of photos.  It´s amazing to see how much detail the church puts into it´s projects. 

We had lots of little miracles this week.  It was a week of ups and downs, really.  We had some awesome stuff happen and some less awesome stuff happen too.  Remember Victor?  Well, his family is a little (or a lot) anti, so he didn´t end up getting baptized.  Actually, he decided that he doesn´t want to hear anything more from us about the church.  He said we could pass by any time to chat, but as for church stuff he doesn´t want anything.  I´m glad to know that it wasn´t anything personal that we did, but even so, it was sad.

But we had good things this week too. Most of our miracles this week were finding miracles because we´re short on people to teach recently.  Almost every missionary I know who passed in this area says "Oh, that area is horrible.  It´s small.  No one wants to hear the message.  Everyone who was willing already talked to the missionaries."  Well, Élder Muniz and I decided that we weren´t going to pay attention to that.  It helps that we recieved the other half of the ward so now we´re excited to do some more work there. 

We found a woman named Claudia who has a son-in-law who is a member of the church!  It´s been a few years since he attended and has forgotten a few things.  We contacted Caludia one day and she said we could come back another.  She ended up not being home that day, so we passed by on the Saturday when (by divine providence) her son-in-law was also there.  We taught the Restoration and the Lord blessed us with a super strong Spirit.  They understood perfectly and are willing to read, pray, and come to church next week!  Yay!

We also met a super awesome couple last night who wants to get married!  Most people just live together here and have no intention to get married, so this is a big step.  Last night we were out working and I felt like we should go visit a less-active member of the ward.  We headed over and on the way we passed by a couple with a young child sitting on a bench.  As we passed by I had the feeling, "why didn´t we talk with them?"  So, we went back and began to talk.  They were super cool and invited us to their house to share the message and said that they want to visit the church!  It was awesome.  Score 1 for the Spirit.

Then last Monday we were teaching this couple who´s a little bit older, Jusé and Ana. They´re not married and were worried that if they got married that they would lose their social security (it´s not exactly that, but it´s the closest thing we have).  As we were teaching, I opened my bible to Hebrews 11:1 and read the following:
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Then I explained that getting married may be something that they don´t know how it´ll work out, but as they trust in the Lord, He will provide what they need.  I feel so much spiritual power behind my words as I spoke.  Fantastically, Irmão Jusé began to explain how he needed to believe more in God´s promises for him and his wife and that he wants to do everything possible to get married.  It was so awesome to feel how the Spirit just flowed through me as I taught.  I felt as if it was God talking directly to them and I was simply the instrument that He was using.  It was super cool.

In summary, our week was good, and this one is going to be even better. The Lord is in command.

Amo vocês!  Tenham uma ótima semana!

Élder Evans

P.S. Fotos
1) We made brownies last week.  No mom, I didn´t actually eat the batter.  Though I wanted to.
2) Me on the roof of the chapel checking out the AC units

3) Élder Muniz and I going missionary-worker style

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