Monday, January 19, 2015

Natação! (Swimming!!!) (I wasn´t breaking rules)

Oi família!

So, we had a fun week.  Adriano and Andressa were baptized!!!  And here´s the funny story.  So, we showed up a little early at the church to fill up the baptismal font.  The other elders had gone earlier to do a baptismal interview and when they had finished they started filling up the font.  The church ran out of water (about 10 AM) so we thought "well, there should be water a little later" so we came back.  Long story short, no water.  So we called bishop.  He said "Well, we can reschedule, or we can do it at Romualdo´s house in the pool"  So, we did it in the pool! The baptism was scheduled for 7 PM and when everyone showed up we said "Everyone, pick a car!  We´re going to have to travel a little!" I got to baptize Andressa which was awesome.  I always feel the Spirit so strong when I perform a baptism.  It´s fantastic.

But the other fun experience of the week was when we traveled. I should preface this saying that I set a goal to begin to fast every once in a while to have a greater conviction that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this is the church that Jesus Christ restored to the earth to guide us today.  I felt on Tuesday that it was time for such a fast.  We headed out on Wednesday morning to Paracuru to have District Meeting with the sisters there.  They´ve been needing a pick-me-up recently because the work has been a little more difficult than normal.  I was wondering what I could share with them that would help excite them.  As I began the training about "declaring repentance" I was filled with the Spirit as a confirmation that this was what they needed to hear.  We had a normal training and afterwards when we came back together for feedback I felt the need to bear my testimony.  I began explaining, "Sisters, we cannot be afraid to tell people the truth.  This is the church that Jesus Christ has brought back to the earth.  Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  Thomas S. Monson is the Lord´s prophet on the earth today.  Sisters, in all of the people that live here in Paracuru, you four are the only ones that have the comission and the power to help these people return home to our Father in Heaven.  No one else in this city can bring these blessings, only you."  AS I was speaking I felt the Spirit fill me again and confirm to me that what I was speaking was true.  The Lord answered my prayer and fasting and I know that this is the Lord´s true church restored to the earth today.  The Spirit was so strong in the room and I felt that it was exactly what the sisters were needing at that moment.

I know that Jesus Christ lives.  He is our Savior.  I am his representative in this great Latter-Day work.

Amo vocês!  Até o próximo! 

Élder Evans

1) Élder Borges, Adriano, Andressa, and I in front of the pool
2) Me, Maia, and Élder Borges (from last week)

3) Me, Irmão José, and Élder Borges

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