Tuesday, January 27, 2015

O campo já está branco para a ceifa (The field is white already to harvest)

Oi família!

This week was fantastic!  A bunch of fun stuff happened and if I wrote it all the e-mail would be huge!!!  So, we´ll stick with the brief highlights of the week.

So, last Monday after p-day we headed out to work.  A recent-convert in our area said "hey there´s this family tat lives close to me that attended church a long time ago that want to meet with you guys."  So we headed over and met Raimunda and Francisco.  They attended church 20 years ago and were preapring to get baptized but the week before their baptism there was a problem and it didn´t end up happening.  We were just getting to know them and the impression came to challenge them to baptism.  Without much preface I said, "Knowing that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God?"  The two of them just sat there and then they both said, "Yes."  We set a date with them and they are super pumped for February 8th (Élder Borges´ last day in the field).  They came to church yesterday with their daughter, Erica, and they loved it.  The Lord has prepared them so much.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and told them that they can´t drink any more coffee.  We passed by yesterday night and Raimunda said, "I have a terrible headache but I can´t drink coffee.  Oh well.  It´ll pass."  Super elect.

I also had a great exchange this week with the assistants in my first area, Ala Parquelândia.  The assistants were transfered there when I left and I haven´t been able to go back until this past tuesday.  Remember the family Vasconcelos that I baptized there?  The youngest son recieved the Melchezidek Preisthood this week and they´re preparing to go to the temple in March/April!  YES!!!

But the cool experience of the week (yeah, I had more!!! THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!) was when we headed to Tabapuá.  Our área is huge and there´s a young man named Renan that always helps us out.  He lives in a neighborhood called Tabapuá that´s way on the edge of our area.  Élder Borges had never been there and we decided to headed out there to see if there was work for us there.  We left lunch at 1:30 and began walking.  About 2:30 we arrived there.  It was a lot longer than we thought.  But, we got to work doing contacts and knocking on doors.  Missionaries haven´t visited Tabapuá in over 30 years so all of the people out there don´t know a thing about the church.  It was awesome.  Everyone seemed interested, especially Erica, a young woman we met.  She´s 18 years-old and just moved here from another state.  Élder Borges contacted her and we marked to come back to her house a little later.  We came back a little bit later and began talking with her and her parents.  We prayed and began explaing a little bit of the Restoration.  After we explained the First Vision we paused for a minute and asked, "Erica, how do you feel right now?"  and she said, "Well, I´ve been feeling lost for a long time now.  I was in need of direction and I didn´t know where to go.  Then you guys stopped my in the street and began talking to me and I felt like I was full of light.  I feel like God is answering my prayer!"  We testified that it was true and that this is the church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth. Renan who was with us said that the next day she was super excited to learn more about the restored gospel.  I know that the field is white already to harvest.  We´re going to baptized all of Tabapuá. 

I know this is the Lord´s church.  I am His servant. 

Élder Evans

1) The Vasconcelos Family baptism (March 16th, 2014)

2) The Vasconcelos Family, without a few because they were working (January 20th, 2015)

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